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   Vybor-S LLC

Address:  Vyazniki, Lenina str., 47
Phone:  (49233) 20285; 24209
FAX:  (49233) 20285
Contact Person: 
Artem Sazhin
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Web-сайт:  www.waterya.ru

Vybor-S LLC

Russia, Vladimir Region

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Vybor-S LLC was established in April 2002. The office of the company is situated in the ancient Russian town Vyazniki in the Vladimir region. Mineral water “Ya” is extracted from the well №79943. The production department where this water is bottled is situated in an ecologically clean area of the north outskirts of the the Murmansk protection forest near the village Edon. Its location was discovered during the Soviet period. There are no industrial plants within the radius of 40 kilometer near this well. The nearest motorway and railway are situated 25 kilometers from the place where the water is extracted and bottled.
The groundwater aquifer is located at depth of 90meters. It protects the water from the pollution by different microbes.
Mineralization of the water “Ya” satisfy the recommendations of the World Health Organization about the water quality. Natural mineral table-water “Ya” can be used to slake one’s thirst, to stimulate digestion, to prepare food. You can also use it in preventing measures. And what is the most important is that this water is oligomineral. It means that the usage of this water is unrestricted.
Natural mineral table-water “Ya” is ideal for those who lead an active and healthy life and who go in for sport. Water “Ya” doesn’t have a medical effect. It has a physiological influence: it stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the excretory system

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