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Natural Mineral Water Uvinskaya Zhemchuzhina is extracted in Udmurtia, on the territory of balneal sanatorium Uva, which is situated 1500 km from Moscow. Their own car park provides an uninterrupted water and equipment delivery to consumers and dealers.

Russia, Moscow

115419, Moscow, Sibirsky proezd, 2, building 9
Phone: (495) 737-67-07

Vybor-S LLC

Vybor-S LLC was established in April 2002. The office of the company is situated in the ancient Russian town Vyazniki in the Vladimir region. Mineral water Ya is extracted from the well 79943. The production department where this water is bottled is situated in an ecologically clean area of the north outskirts of the the Murmansk protection forest near the village Edon. Its location was discovered during the Soviet period. There are no industrial plants within the radius of 40 kilometer near this well. The nearest motorway and railway are situated 25 kilometers from the place where the water is extracted and bottled.

Russia, Vladimir Region

Vyazniki, Lenina str., 47
Phone: (49233) 20285; 24209

"Visma Lux" Ltd. (Russia, Moscow)

"Visma Lux" Ltd. Moscow, is official supplier of the drink mineral water "ARKHYZ" in 5, 13 and 19 l bottles, bottled at the mineral waters plant of CJSC Visma (settlement Arkhyz of Karacaevo- Circassian republic), and is also occupied by sale and assignment into the lease of storage facility, apparatuses for bottling, cooling and heating of drinking water (coolers).

Profil LLC (Russia, Moscow Region)

Production and distribution of drinking water, beverages, mineral water with the trademark Bereginya. Home and office delivery services.

Closed joined-stock Company Factory of soft drink (Russia, Murmansk Region)

Assortment more than 60 types. Fermented kvass Grain kvass for drinking and making okroshka: 5,0 litres; 3,3 litres; 2,0 litres; 1,0 litres. Drinking water of superior category Breath of Arctic: 5,0 litres; 2,0 litres; 0,9litres; 0,5 litres. non-Non-aerated beverages on the basis of natural juices Fruityland Juice. Table-water Arctica from the Kola Peninsula. Classic and fruit lemonades in bottles of different capacity: 2,0litres; 1,5 litres; 0,5litres. A repeated prize-winner of the contest of 100 best goods of Russia. A prize-winner of the international contest Golden Constellation and European quality.

Aqua-Don Limited Company (Russia, Rostov Region)

Aqua-Don Limited Company is one of a regional leader in the production of drinking and mineral water in the Southern Federal District.
Aqua-Don Limited Company offers delivery services of drinking artesian water Iverskaya in 19 litre polycarbonate bottles.

Closed joined-stock company Mineral water factory (Russia, Udmurtia)

This is the leading company in the sphere of drinking mineral water and soft drinks production in the Udmurtia Republic. Medical water, mineralized medical-table water, drinking water in bottles from 0,33 to 19 litres. Soft drinks , kvass and juice-containing drinks from 0,5 to 1,5 litres. Certified laboratory. Serebryanie Kluchy has more than 70 rewards and diplomas from Russian and foreign exhibitions. Office and home delivery. We invite partners for cooperation. Discounts.

Fountain Foods LLC (Russia, Moscow)

Korolevskaya Voda is considered to be one of the best according to the quality and the percentage of mineral salt. Korolevskaya Voda is extracted from the well (200 meters) in the Solnechnogorsky region. The factory is situated there.

Darida (Belarus, Minsk Region, Zhdanovichi)

Darida is a large Belarusian producer of mineral and drinking water of high quality. It is also a producer of soft drink. We have international quality certificates, including certificates of EU countries. We invite partners for cooperation.

Niagara LLC (Ukraine, Hmelnitskiy)

Niagara LLC produces kvass Hlebushek, lemonades, juice-containing drinks with healthy mineral water. We are forming a distribution network in Russia.

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