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   Aquaphor Corporation

Address:  29, Pyonerskaya street, St. Petersburg, 197110, Russia
Phone:  (812) 235-71-14
FAX:  (812) 325-26-23
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Web-:  www.aquaphor.ru

Aquaphor Corporation

Russia, Saint-Peterburg

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AQUAPHOR is the largest home water filter manufacturer in Russia with more than 540 full-time employees. AQUAPHOR water filters are protected by 7 USA, 23 Russian and other patents.

AQUAPHOR manufacturing facilities include state-of-the-art production of fibrous adsorbents, carbon blocks, plastic molding and filter assembly. AQUAPHOR research department includes chemical, microbiological, mechanical, automation and design laboratories.

AQUAPHOR quality control laboratory empoys highly experienced chemists and is equipped with the state-of-the-art analytical equipment including atomic spectrometer, capillary electrophoresis, gas chromatograph, UV spectrophoto-meters and filter quality testing systems according to the NSF 42, NSF 53 and EPA microbiological protocols.

AQUAPHOR manufactures water filter products under its own tradenames and also makes OEM products for the leading international retailers.

All AQUAPHOR products and their production are certified for purifying drinking tap water by the Russian State Certification Agency.

AQUAPHOR water filters have been tested and approved for sale in several EU countries, South Korea, Singapore and other countries.

AQUAPHOR offers quality and affordable pricing in a combination with dealer discounts and exclusive dealer territories.

AQUAPHOR is the leading international manufacturer of the POU and POE home water filter systems.

AQUAPHOR makes high quality, dependable and user friendly filters based on its proprietary research of adsorbents (ion-exchange and activated carbon), bacteriostatic additives (organic and inorganic), polymer membranes, carbon blocks, composites and innovative mechanical engineering design.

AQUAPHOR applies the results of its R&D to water purification for commercial and industrial applications.

If you have a separation problem which cannot be solved with traditional adsorbents and/or membrane separation techniques, try AQUAPHOR products.

Aquaphor Management Quality System is certified by TUV (Essen, Germany) according to the ISO 9001-2000 Standard.

AQUAPHOR patents:

-USA Patent No. US 6,387,260 B1
Filtration device for liquid purification
-USA Patent No. US 5,521,008
Manufacture of activated carbon fiber
-USA Patent No. US 6,514,413 B2
Method of drinking water disinfection
-USA Patent No. US 6,299,771 B1
Composite adsorbent element
-USA Patent No. US 5,705,269
Modified activated carbon
-USA Patent No. US 5,904,854
Method for purifying water
-USA Patent No. US 6,391,185
Composite regenerable adsorption carbon material and its regeneration method

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