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MaxFood TD

We produce and distribute drinking water under trademarks Serebryanaya Kapelka, Diplomat and Gdgelka in bottles of different capacity in Pskov, Saint-Petersburg and other regions.

Russia, Pskov Region

Pskov, Novatorov str. 2
Phone: +7 (8112) 555976

JSC Istok (Russia, Penza Region)

JSC Istok est. 1927 in Penza is a leading Russian company producing natural artesian and mineral water, high quality soft drinks and kvass. We are the first manufacture in Russia to certify the production process according to the main European quality standard HACCP. Our competitive advantages are as follows: strong position on the regional market, high customer loyalty to the brands, high product quality, vast promotional campaigns and permanent innovation.

Istok water can be this pure!

Zhivaya Voda LLC (Russia, Kostroma Region)

Production and Sale of drinking water and lemonades Ivan Kupala
Free Home and Office delivery

Europa LLC (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Our enterprise deliver drinking water under trademark NordAqua. Free delivery in Saint-Petersburg. NordAqua is table-water. It means that every day you can drink this water (both boiled and unboiled) in unlimited quantities. That is why this water is so indispensable in office. For comfortable bottling our enterprise offer water coolers and dispensers of different types. Take care of your health! Drink natural water!

Volgsky sad (Russia, Samara Region)

Volgsky sad enterprise is the producer of drinking water and soft drinks of the trademark VioLLe. Despite the fact that the name of the TM sounds Italian, all our production is made on ecologically clean territory of the Samara region (in the Stavropol region, village Yagodnoe). Clean natural drinking water is the basis of our products that are made under the TM VioLLe.

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