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BioRay (Russia, Moscow)

Moscow-based company BIORAY is the division of large industrial holding company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of water and ecological equipment, solutions and services.

We currently implement our Client-Oriented Strategy with water products, solutions, sanitation and services through 6 complementary units

AQUA ATAR (Russia, Moscow)

The company “Aqua Star” is an exclusive distributor of world producer of drinking equipment (South-Korean Company WONBONG) on the territory of Russia and the Ukraine. “Aqua Star” offers equipment for getting drinking water of high quality: equipment apparatus of multistage filtration system.(coolers without water)

Water Analysis Laboratory Research and Production (Russia, Moscow)

Independent laboratory reseach and production centre “Zvezda” was accredited by State Stsndart (№ RU.0001.21ПВ35). It conducts chemical analysis of water. We offer complex analysis according to the types of water: city water, well, draw-well, spring, pool etc. Free consultation on analysis results. Other laboratory cervices:!!! water analysis, radionuclide water analysis, specialist arrival for taking water samples, rapid water analysis, soil analysis.

Geizer Company (Russia, Moscow)

Now the Geizer Company is the scientific and research holding Company with 100% Russian private capital. The fifteen-year experience of the successful market operation of the Company ensures development and production of the efficient home filters, design and installation of autonomous cottage systems for water treatment, industrial equipment for preparation of water and treatment of waste waters and etc

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