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Closed joined-stock Company Factory of soft drink (Russia, Murmansk Region)

Assortment more than 60 types. Fermented kvass Grain kvass for drinking and making okroshka: 5,0 litres; 3,3 litres; 2,0 litres; 1,0 litres. Drinking water of superior category Breath of Arctic: 5,0 litres; 2,0 litres; 0,9litres; 0,5 litres. non-Non-aerated beverages on the basis of natural juices Fruityland Juice. Table-water Arctica from the Kola Peninsula. Classic and fruit lemonades in bottles of different capacity: 2,0litres; 1,5 litres; 0,5litres. A repeated prize-winner of the contest of 100 best goods of Russia. A prize-winner of the international contest Golden Constellation and European quality.

Closed joined-stock company Mineral water factory (Russia, Udmurtia)

This is the leading company in the sphere of drinking mineral water and soft drinks production in the Udmurtia Republic. Medical water, mineralized medical-table water, drinking water in bottles from 0,33 to 19 litres. Soft drinks , kvass and juice-containing drinks from 0,5 to 1,5 litres. Certified laboratory. Serebryanie Kluchy has more than 70 rewards and diplomas from Russian and foreign exhibitions. Office and home delivery. We invite partners for cooperation. Discounts.

INCOS (Russia, Saint-Peterburg)

The idea to join the business of supplying juice concentrates and purees to Russian food industry appeared in 1996. For more than 2 years we collected any information about this market. In 1999 we opened the company INCOS - Juice Concentrates.

In the past years INCOS - Juice Concentrates gained some experience and a good reputation in Russia and international community. Now we are recognized as a serious and respectable participant of the market and a trustworthy partner. Such credit enables us to have the advantage of fair prices and terms of deliveries and constantly develop our cooperation with partners and customers.

Now we collaborate with more than 70 producers of juices, nectars, ice-cream and jams. We supply different products from all the world. We appreciate our reputation and prefer to work with products which comply with the international quality standards (AIJN, SGF, USDA, etc.)

This business of ours is growing, and our doors are always open for new contacts and clients.

Closed joined-stock company Central Chernozem Fru (Russia, Voronezh Region)

Production of juices NewToneof straight extraction. Production and sale of fresh apples, pears, raspberry.

Niagara LLC (Ukraine, Hmelnitskiy)

Niagara LLC produces kvass Hlebushek, lemonades, juice-containing drinks with healthy mineral water. We are forming a distribution network in Russia.

Limited company SoyzPlodProm (Russia, Moscow)

Limited company SoyzPlodProm aims to produce juices, nectars and beverages that are available to large levels of population. We produce juices and nectars of TM SoyzPlodProm, juices of TM Weekend, beverages of TM Dvigok (ice-tea)

"Plant of fruit beverages" (Russia, Kirov Region)

Production of juices and beverages Smak. The quality of our production is verified with government certificates and with the results of water analysis. The quality of our water is appreciated by leading experts in the sphere of soft drinks

Closed joined-stock company Nasoloda (Ukraine, Donetsk Region, Donetsk)

Production of soft drinks of TM Delight (juice containing drinks), of TM Funtik (low-cal-drinks), of TM H2O (drinking water), of TM Dgerelna (drinking water), of TM Firmeny Kvass (kvass drink).
Food stuff distribution on the territory of the Ukraine.

Volgsky sad (Russia, Samara Region)

Volgsky sad enterprise is the producer of drinking water and soft drinks of the trademark VioLLe. Despite the fact that the name of the TM sounds Italian, all our production is made on ecologically clean territory of the Samara region (in the Stavropol region, village Yagodnoe). Clean natural drinking water is the basis of our products that are made under the TM VioLLe.

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