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BioRay (Russia, Moscow)

Moscow-based company BIORAY is the division of large industrial holding company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of water and ecological equipment, solutions and services.

We currently implement our Client-Oriented Strategy with water products, solutions, sanitation and services through 6 complementary units

Ecotronic (Russia, Moscow)

The company “Ecotronic” specializes in wholesale deliveries of goods for water market 19 litre and purifiers. After you register on our site www.ecotronic.ru as a dealer you are able to order water coolers, water dispensers, pumps, glass holders, bottle stands, 19 litre bottles and lids, purifiers, changing filters and accessories, bottling monoblocks in 19 litres, washings with brushes, conveyors, spares for all our goods.

Limited Company “Aktualnye Vodnye Technology” (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Production of water filters, bottling lines, washing machines for 19 litre bottles., Continuously working silver ionizer, UV disinfection, electric coagulation, PET Bottle Blowing. Silver generator,серебритель для воды water ionizer.

Novosibirskprodmash Co. Ltd (Russia, Novosibirsk Region)

The Novosibirskprodmash company is one of the leaders among the Russian companies producing clear water bottling equipment of different productivity.

Our company designs, supplies and adjusts clear water bottling lines and dispensing and packaging equipment under Waterpak and WiPak brands. Also we sell a wide range of additional equipment - outside bottle washing machines, decappers and cap sanitization stations, bag packing machines and conveyors.

KRASS (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Gas cylinder regulators production. Including carbon-dioxide regulators for beer and carbonated water canning.

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