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Aquaphor Corporation

AQUAPHOR Corporation is the leading home water filter manufacturer in Russia. AQUAPHOR water filters are sold in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Hungary, Equador,
South Korea and other countries.

AQUAPHOR Management Quality System is certified by TUV (Essen, Germany) according to
the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

Russia, Saint-Peterburg

29, Pyonerskaya street, St. Petersburg, 197110, Russia
Phone: (812) 235-71-14

Manufacturing company "TEKO-FILTER"

Manufacturing company "TEKO-FILTER" has been successfully working in the field of designing and manufacturing water treatment equipment for over 11 years. Today our products are installed in more than 1500 plants in Russian Federation and abroad. Equipment we manufacture is constantly updated, which adds to its quality, liability and durability. The range of our products includes:

Russia, Samara Region

445045, p/b 1839, 33-A, Gromova str., Togliatti, Samara region, Russia
Phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61

BioRay (Russia, Moscow)

Moscow-based company BIORAY is the division of large industrial holding company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of water and ecological equipment, solutions and services.

We currently implement our Client-Oriented Strategy with water products, solutions, sanitation and services through 6 complementary units

METTEM-Technologies, Ltd. (Russia, Moscow region)

METTEM-Technologies, Ltd. produces domestic water filters (trade mark BARRIER). The company exists since 1993. From the very start BARRIER filters showed themselves as top-quality goods. This ensured that already in 1995 the company succeeded in establishing its production in Korolev, Moscow Region (Rocket and Space Corporation Energia).

AQUA ATAR (Russia, Moscow)

The company Aqua Star is an exclusive distributor of world producer of drinking equipment (South-Korean Company WONBONG) on the territory of Russia and the Ukraine. Aqua Star offers equipment for getting drinking water of high quality: equipment apparatus of multistage filtration system.(coolers without water)

Limited Company Aktualnye Vodnye Technology (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Production of water filters, bottling lines, washing machines for 19 litre bottles., Continuously working silver ionizer, UV disinfection, electric coagulation, PET Bottle Blowing. Silver generator, water ionizer.

Water Analysis Laboratory Research and Production (Russia, Moscow)

Independent laboratory reseach and production centre Zvezda was accredited by State Stsndart ( RU.0001.2135). It conducts chemical analysis of water. We offer complex analysis according to the types of water: city water, well, draw-well, spring, pool etc. Free consultation on analysis results. Other laboratory cervices:!!! water analysis, radionuclide water analysis, specialist arrival for taking water samples, rapid water analysis, soil analysis.

Positron TC Limited Company (Russia, Moscow)

The company Positron is a producer of ozone purification systems, water disinfection and deferrization systems.
Ozone water disinfection before the water is bottled.
Systems of water conditioning for home, enterprise, city.
Systems of ozone disinfection of sewage. Ozonizer production.

ECODAR (Russia, Moscow)

The company ECODAR offers the following services:
-water analysis
-choosing of equipment
-assembling, backup service, support manning for any private and industrial objects.

Wide range of domestic and back osmotic filters. Date of creation 1994.

Osmos (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Production of membrane water-purification system for industrial and residential use. Back osmosis and ultrafiltration.

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